Travels in North America

As part of my research project I am going to spend 7 months in Mexico and the USA catching up ¬†with ¬†various people and projects involved in collaborative art and collaborative ethnography projects… First stop is California, then off to New York City, then on to Mexico…

One of the aims of this process is to connect with people doing similar work, and also to get some comparison with what we are doing in Australia, how we talk about it, what happens from the projects that get made.

My primary destination will be San Cristobal de las Casas, in Chiapas Mexico, where I hope to work with folks from the Chiapas Indigenous Photography Project, and the AFI, Archivo Fotographico Indigena. You can check out some of their older work at their website.

I’ll post here make this journey. Does anyone have any suggestions of projects or people to connect with along the way?

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