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2009 PIC


Places I Carry With Me




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26 de septiembre  20 horas

Calle Tonala 19a

Barrio del Cerrillo, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas

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Lugares que llevo conmigo

Si los lugares se filtrasen en nuestros cuerpos –las  imágenes que vemos se repetirán en los ojos de nuestras mentes, llevándolas con nosotros en la memoria y repitiéndolas en nuestros cuerpo. Cuando nos movemos – viajando sobre montañas y océanos – llevamos nuestros lugares importantes con nosotros, en fotografías, sueños he historias.

Las fotografías de lugares, vistas fuera de contextos, puede ser duro comprender, ellas pueden ser hermosas o asustadas, pero luchamos por comprender de que manera se siente el cuerpo al esta allí, la experiencia del espacio o confinamiento, los sentimientos de atracción, la vacilación, la confusión, el anhelo, la indiferencia…

Este trabajo forma parte de una meditación progresiva en la representación de lugar, las prácticas de presencia en un tiempo de viaje global, arte-haciendo con cosas crecientes, una fascinación de la artista con agua y búsqueda para el color verde. Algún trabajo ha sido creado específicamente para el espacio de la Galeria Studio Cerrillo, y algunos han sido traídos del noroeste de Australia. La obra incluyen fotografías, instalaciones de video, tierra, plantas y más.Bouncy Castle Dinosaur review


Los sitios de red de Maya:

Places I Carry With Me

Places seep into our bodies –  images we see are repeated in our minds eye, carried with us in memory and replayed in our flesh.  As we move on, traveling over mountains and oceans, we carry our important places with us, in photographs, stories, dreams.

Photographs of place, seen out of context, can be hard to comprehend, they may be beautiful or startling, but we struggle to know the way the body feels there, the experience of space or confinement, the feelings of attraction, hesitation, confusion, longing, disregard…

This work is part of an ongoing meditation on representation of place, practices of presence in a time of global travel, art-making with growing things, a photographers fascination with water and search for the colour green.  Some work has been created specifically for the Studio Cerrillo space, and some has been brought from the North-West of Australia. Works include photographs, video and plant-based installations.


Maya’s websites:

Exhibit in Side by Side Gallery – an invitation

We are looking for projects and artists that work in ways that bring together collaborative art and collaborative ethnography and documentary to contribute information and works from their practice to the Side by Side Gallery. See the information below….

Please distribute this information to your friends and other people and groups who might be interested.




Exponer en la Galeria Side by Side – invitacìon en español

Estamos buscando proyectos y artistas que trabajan con arte colaborativo y el etnografìa y documentaciòn para contribuir informacìon y trabajo creativo a la galeria Side by Side (Lado a Lado en español)…  Ver la informacìon abajo…

Por favor distribuir este informacìon a tus amigos y cual quier persona o grupo que puenden ser interesados.




Have You Heard … the movement

The talented and busy Eve Tulbert, and her collaborator Prof. Eric Rice have been super busy this north american summer (’09) working on the Have You Heard project, or movement… I last wrote about Eve back in July, introducing her and the collaborative media for health work with LA street kids and other young people, focussing on HIV/STI prevention.  Since then the project has done amazing work – which they have posted on UTUBE and myspace and which we can now all see, think about, get inspired by and share with others…

Check out their myspace site (you could become a friend!), or go directly to their blog spot to see all the videos (health education videos developed by the kids for their peers), interviews (about personal perspectives on HIV/STI prevention made by the young people with their friends and peers) and a seriously rocking comic strip about drugs and HIV/STI prevention… the first page of which I am posting below because I like it so much and want you to look at even if you don’t want go to their site… which you will have to do to see pages 2, 3 &4…

Buddy comic page 1 - from
Buddy comic page 1 - from

As Eve said “This project has taught me that the arts are very healing–arts participation can keep a community healthier!  Some of the youth in our project have been through tough times, having to leave their families or growing up in foster care, struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, or doing sex work to make it on the streets.  But these are exactly the experiences that make them great artists and peer educators!  They know what its like to keep yourself healthy in very challenging situations–its a knowledge that “professional” public health workers just don’t have.  I am so proud of the vision, humor, and life stories that the young people brought out to make this project happen.”

Women’s stories in women’s words (and pictures…)

In 2008 I collaborated with Rachel Breunlin from the Neighborhood Story Project (based in New Orleans, Louisiana USA) and Jalaris Aboriginal Corporation (based in Derby, Western Australia) on a collaborative writing and photography project which resulted in the book Singing Out – Aboriginal Ladies Stories of the North West Kimberley.

Singing Out book cover
Singing Out book cover

The project aimed at documenting and sharing the diverse stories of Aboriginal women’s experiences of education and learning using writing, interviewing and photography, and forms part of the community-based research on issues for Indigenous kids and families in Derby on which Jalaris and I have been collaborating for many years.

Click here to read more about Singing Out, including links to a podcast of readings from the book launch and some pages from the book… You can also go here, to Side by Side Community Project Consulting website to read more generally about what Jalaris Aboriginal Corporation is up to…

We are all pretty proud of Singing Out – its a great read and a beautiful object, and we think (not wanting to be too modest!) that its a good contribution to literature in and about the Kimberley region of Australia, as well as a document of womens stories that rarely get much public space.chong qi you yong chi

Imagine my surprise and pleasure when wandering through a bookshop in San Cristobal de las Casas (1/2 the world away from the Kimberley) and I came across a book, almost the same size and shape as Singing Out, of womens stories here in Chiapas!

Para Que Tu Sepas - libro
Para Que Tu Sepas - libro

Para Que Tu Sepas, or So That You Know is a book made with the support of Melel Xojobal (their site is in Spanish, click here for some info in English), a San Cristobal de las Casas (Chiapas, Mexico) based organisation that provides support in health, education and advocacy to kids who live or work on the streets of San Cristobal and their families. Para Que Tu Sepas was a project of women writing about their lives and experiences to their own children, published originally in 2006, with a second edition including English translation published in 2008.

It is extremely interesting to see the parallels between the two projects, from the similar community development and advocacy goals that the making of the two books had; the similar methods and goals of Jalaris Aboriginal Corporation and Melel Xojobal; the personal voice and images, including photographs and hand drawn images from the authors that are included in each book; right  down to the format and layout of both books.

In the hope that we might be able to facilitate some dialogue between writers from each book and their supporting organisations, we are working on translating sections of Singing Out into Spanish (thanks to Isabel Haviland, our translator, and yes, another talented Haviland sister!) If anything comes of this exchange possibility I’ll post more down the track…