Youth and Teachers using online tools to link up around the world

Well its been a couple of slow blogging months but things are going to pick up a bit now with a focus on interesting things that are happening with digital technology, local story telling, schools and young people…

To kick this off check out the All One Hood website to see some very cool content created by young people in schools around the world. All One Hood is an example of a project using the internet and other techs to link up schools and students to dialogue across geographic and cultural distance. Working with kids in the classroom to make digital stories about their lives, experiences and communities and then creating an online archive where these stories can be shared based on theme (such as anthropology, sociology, geography, ecology) or place (contributions from New Orleans, where the project originated, thailand, kenya, the Cayman Islands and more…).

One the theme of schools and teachers using the internet to collaborate and link up with each other, iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is a non-profit global network that enables teachers and youth to use the Internet and other technologies to collaborate on projects that enhance learning and make a difference in the world. This is a big network that has resources that help teachers and students to fit online and collaborative projects into school curriculums, well worth exploring if you are trying to do some collaborative art/ethnographic work in a school context.