Author: Maya

FOMMA – collaborative women’s theatre

This week, at the invitation of Doris Difarnecio, Director of the Centro Hemisférico/FOMMA in San Cristobal, I visited FOMMA and was introduced to a truly fascinating organization and set of projects. In a previous post I mentioned the Hemispheric Institute…

What’s in a name?

Documenting the names of people in the AFI photos is not a priority here in Chiapas. Indeed, anonymity and confidentiality is a necessary part of the ethics of participatory photographic practice in the region. The naming of Indigenous subjects in photographic archives, has an entirely different meaning in a contemporary Australian context.

Photo Me Derby Project

Photo Me Derby – now in the Side by Side Gallery The Photo Me Derby project was the first project I was involved with dedicated to collaborative photography in the Kimberley (the northern region of Western Australia). Photo Me Derby was… goes live

Sophie Haviland is my sister and she has a great new website,! Such a plug might be seen as shameless nepotism, but this site is a window into a whole world of collaborative art projects which most people will not…