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Eve Tulbert & collaborative media for health in LA

We arrived in San Diego as our first stop on our grand tour in North America, to spend 10 days in Southern California. The San Diego visit was mainly chance to get over the jetlag and get my bearings before heading to Mexico, but California is also home to a number of organisations dedicated to collaborative visual media practice, such as the Center for Digital Story Telling at Berkley, and the Institute for Photographic Empowerment at Venice Arts Centre in LA.  You can find out a lot of info about these projects from their websites and I didn’t get time to visit them unfortunately, however there are lots of other projects with less profile happening around the region and I managed to catch up with a couple.

Eve Tulbert is facilitating one such project, with street kids in Los Angeles making collaborative media for health promotion and HIV prevention. The project is multi-disciplinary – using collaborative media (primarily digital media, including some great uses of the Comic Life software) as an engagement tool with young people and public health education and promotion around issues effecting the young people in community around the youth centre where the project is happening. She is collaborating with Prof. Eric Rice from the University of Southern California (USC) School of Social Work on the intervention. Eve has a background in community arts (google her to find out more). She’s worked in community theatre and in recent years has been developing an interest in the uses of digital media for engaged community development practice. Eve’s heading to Australia later this year to attend CAEPRs Youth Learning Symposium in Darwin (by invitation only, September 2009) so folks there may get a chance to meet her, or even work with her down the track. Continue reading